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Health & Safety

Swim Active’s priority is to ensure that swimming lessons are fun and safe.

We have created the following policy to help us keep You, Swimmers and our Teachers safe whilst undertaking swimming lessons at Swim Active.


Our Health and Safety General Statements are:

  • To ensure that all our lessons are as safe as they can be and ensure that all our customers are protected.

  • To provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities.

  • To consult with all our Teachers on matters affecting their Health and Safety.

  • To provide and maintain safe equipment.

  • To provide information and instruction for all our Teachers.

  • To ensure that all our Teachers are competent to do the tasks they have been asked to do and ensure training is given where necessary.

  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health.

  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions.

  • To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.

Overall responsibility for Health and Safety is the owner of Swim Active, however, all our Teachers on a day-to-day basis takes responsibility for themselves when in the pool environment.


  • All Teachers must adhere to the Emergency Action Plan and Normal Operating Procedures as set out by the Pool Facility where they are working.

  • Teachers must not interfere with anything provided which has been put in to safeguard their safety.

  • Teachers must report all Health and Safety concerns to the owner of Swim Active immediately.

  • Teachers must take care of their own Health and Safety as well as the children in their care during their swimming lessons.

  • Whilst Swimmers are waiting for their lessons to begin and in the changing rooms, parents take full responsibility for the Health and Safety of their Swimmers.

Health and Safety Risks:
As with all swimming pool environments Risk Assessments are undertaken and reviewed at regular intervals. These are carried out by the owners of the pools and separately by Swim Active.  Should an incident occur whilst we are using their facilities then an accident report will be made and a copy will be provided to the facility owner and then any necessary action will be taken.

Safe Plant and Equipment:
Swim Active hire swimming pools to carry out their business. The plant and equipment belong to the Facility we use. The Facility maintain the plant and equipment themselves and if any plant or equipment is faulty or deemed unsafe then the facility is closed and we are unable to use it again until it has been deemed fit to reopen.

Competency for Tasks and Training:
Swim Active require all Teachers to adhere to the Health and Safety rules at the pool they have been designated to work. Swim Teachers working for Swim Active are either Level 1 Support Teachers or Level 2 Swimming Teachers. Any training identified will be undertaken.

Accidents, First Aid and Work-related Ill health:
Should an accident occur it is recorded in the Accident Book. Health and Welfare of Swim Active Teachers is of paramount importance.

All our Teachers monitor Health and Safety whilst carrying out their duties. In the water environment that Swim Active works in, Health and Safety needs to be second to none to ensure that nothing can go wrong. This policy and its procedures will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains fit for purpose and reflects the type of Health and Safety issues which may arise and how those risks are managed.

Date: September 2023
Written By: Swim Active
Review Date: September 2024

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